06: 43,800

Forty three thousand and eight hundred. That is how many hours will pass between now and 5 years. What do I want to do with that time? What do I want to achieve?

My career has become a bit more complicated with the arrival of my son just over a year ago, but I am still trying to remain as engaged as possible with an eye to the day I will return full-time. Just before leaving last January, I was teaching full-time in a Self-Employment program with about 50 students to supervise. I was implementing much of the learning I had gleaned from PIDP to try and flip my classes, one by one. I was also in the process of publishing instructional videos to supplement or sometimes replace classroom-based lessons. I would love to get my hands back on those lesson plans and continue the work I started. Here are a few things that are part of the five year plan:

  • To set a good example among my colleagues when it comes to flipping lessons. In five years, I would like to have flipped all of my classes and maintain great feedback from students. The effort would be successful if I became the go-to person in my college to help others do the same.
  • To diversify the places where I teach. I would like to bring Entrepreneurial education to more community college programs, and increase the chances of having a business to more people. I can measure the success of this goal by increasing the amount of venues where I teach. Currently, it is two. I would like to see it grow to five.
  • To become more connected on social media. Currently with a baby on my hip, I could use social media to be able to further my reach on my own time. I would like to expand my network and become better known in my field, firstly using tools I already have but don’t use super well like LinkedIn and second to choose one more platform and link the three of them together. That’s how it works, right?
  • To continue to publish educational videos on Youtube. Since 3240, my little petchakucha video has garnered over 20k hits (!) I have published a few others but none have reached that level of success (in my opinion). It takes several hours to create the content and media for the videos, but it could lead really nicely into Goal 3.
  • To give myself a break and a little credit every now and again. I am grateful that I love what I do, and if I can do it a little longer than I have succeeded.




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